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Acca Tipster – Football Accumulator Tips – Doubles & 5-Fold SpecialistsClick HERE or Click Image To Visit WebsiteIn ​particular the Twitter "Tipster" brigade giving far fetched crazy odds accumulators that screw over punters just made my blood boil.

In that time I’d made good profits and just didn’t see the point in accumulators and ​thought it was a joke and a lottery.

What really made my ears prick up was that I discovered that certain bookmakers would actually give me my money back as a free bet, EVEN if my accumulator lost.

The bad accumulators, no doubt the ones you’ve seen on the popular betting websites are terrible because as soon as you multiple more than 1 bad value bet, you get a stinker of an accumulator.

The good news is with a series of ​GOOD bets in an accumulator you multiply the value, or edge you have​…

Here’s a quick example to show you how your edge/profit can be far greater if you choose to bet the EXACT same bets as accumulators rather than singles…

​Cost of 100 £1 Bets = £100 ​Bookie Single Odds = 3.5 ​Bookie % Chance of Winning = 28.6% ​AccaTipster REAL odds = 2 (EVENS) ​AccaTipster Perceived Chance = 50% ​AccaTipster Profit Margin = 21.4% ​Profit over 100 ​x 3.5 bets at £1 = £​53.50 (21.4% of £​250)

​Cost of 50 £2 Acca Bets = £100 ​​Bookie Double Odds 2 x 3.5 = ​12.25 ​Bookie % Chance of Winning = ​8.2% ​AccaTipster REAL odds = 2 (EVENS) x 2 (4.00) ​AccaTipster Perceived Chance = ​25% ​AccaTipster Profit Margin = ​16.8% ​Profit over 50 x 12.25 bets at £2 = £189 (​16.8% of £1125)

​The above example shows a case in which if we find 100 bets at 5/2 that ​we judge to really be a 1/1 (Evens) chance. ​

Like I said accumulators are either very good or very bad. If they are going wrong for you perhaps a few of the following errors have been made…

It’s hard enough picking one winner, but to set up a successful multiple bet takes serious time and effort. Especially if you want to profit over the long term.

The way the bookies set their odds can also throw off your accumulators. You have to be really careful that you are getting a fair price for your bet, as no edge = no profit.

Also with football being such an emotive game. Of COURSE you have a biased view. Of COURSE you want your favourite team to win, and no doubt its fun to back the teams you love.

However, the bookie isn’t interested in this, and they will punish you if you bet with anything other than an objective level head.

To have any chance of success at beating the bookie with accumulators it requires hard work, dedication and skill.

Here is a REAL life example of how the bookie very easily makes 8.15% out of punters whatever they bet…

In the above example whether Liverpool win, lose or draw the bookmaker has a 8.15% margin across all the possible bets.

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