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Why your Diet Is Not Working?
By Jason Kelley
Hiring A Wedding Photographer
By Richard Harper
Do Forex robots work?
By Christopher Williams
Affiliate marketing ideas
By David McCoy
Is Samsung S4 better than iPhone?
By Gregory Cobb

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Features List
Article to video conversion with just your mouse!

Video marketing made extremely easy!

The world’s only software that can convert any plain-text article into a stunning marketing video with animation, music, graphics and a complete voice-over in just one single click!

6 gorgeous video styles to choose from!

Create gorgeous marketing videos without a camera or video editing. Choose from half-a-dozen video styles to create highly engaging traffic pulling videos for YouTube.

Automatic distribution to video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe..

Automatically submit your videos to 50+ video sharing and social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Slideshare, etc with our bonus tool Video Submit Robot! No more waiting or uploading videos by hand. Let our software do it for you!

Stunning new interface that works Everywhere

If you like to do everything on your phone or iPad, now you can also create article marketing videos on it too! Article Video Robot is fully HTML5 designed and runs on all mobile phones and devices. No messy download or app installations required.

Create videos with your personal touch

People trust a video more when they see a face in it. For the first time in the history of video marketing, we have created a way for you to put readymade professional human intros and outros in your marketing videos. This enables viewer engagement and increase chances of conversion.

Automatic video optimization wizard

You need to optimize your videos just like you optimize your webpages to rank higher in the search. Using the bundled Video optimization tool, you can now analyze your video, get suggestions and scores to help your videos rank quickly in search results.

Record your video in cutting edge natural sounding voices

Professional voice-over can be as costly as $50 / minute, not to mention it can be really time consuming and difficult to sync. Article video robot generates the voice-over for you, using 7 extremely natural sounding human voices that narrate your articles.

Capture leads and redirect traffic with Call-to-action player

We have included a $147 software which turns your passive viewers into active prospects. With our call-to-action video player you can capture leads, redirect traffic and insert call-to-action buttons during various parts of your video.

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