15 Minute Manifestation Eddie Sergey Reviews

15 Minute Manifestation Eddie Sergey Reviews

I just HAD to make this secret available.

I HAD to get this into as many hands as possible.

I HAD to share this manifestation breakthrough with the world.

That’s my WHY for going through the long journey of putting 15-Minute Manifestation together…

Because I’m not selling hope. I’m selling real-life magic.

I believe in 15-Minute Manifestation THAT MUCH.

Of course, quite frankly, what I believe doesn’t even matter.

So take it from the thousands of people
who use these tracks…

To manifest the life of their dreams, just like they can for you, too.

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From the minute I put on my headphones, I instantly felt a different INSIDE my head! It was like my brain felt alive and in tune…in a way I’d never experienced. It was crazy. The most amazing part was, within the first week, I could absolutely tell a difference in what I was manifesting. I had attracted and closed two HUGE contracts! Cha-ching!

Belle from Ashland, OR

Using your frequencies has felt like the changing of the seasons…like from winter to spring…only it didn’t take months and months. I’ve got abundance popping up like flowers everywhere in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jeremy from Los Angeles, CA

When I first tried listening to your tracks, I was totally skeptical. Especially when I didn’t experience “instant” results in the first day or two. But I stuck it out, and I am so glad I did. Something powerful happened between week two and three. Relationships started getting deeper and more meaningful. My bank account started getting fatter. I had more energy. I even had friends ask what was up with me! I just smile and point to my headphones.

Vanessa from Long Beach Island

After using 15-Minute Manifestation for 21 days, your brain will:
dissolve old, LIMITING beliefs, and
replace them with new, UNLIMITED beliefs.

But even better…
You, the person listening to the tracks
don’t have to do
or “learn” Anything.

So, here’s what I did so you could get your hands on 15-Minute Manifestation:

First, I hired the best audio engineers I could find to develop the purest “Theta” frequencies.
Then, I had them go out into nature and record high-quality, REAL nature sounds, like rain, ocean waves, streambeds and wind, to create a truly unique and immersive listening experience.

Paired with the “Theta” tones, our brains “jump” into “hyper-receptive mode”
A deep meditative state… Even when we’re not, you know, ”meditating.”

Next, I teamed with the most talented NLP and hypnosis experts I could find.

Together, we created the “guided meditation scripts” that play over the Theta tones.
Again, that’s how 15-Minute Manifestation “speaks” directly to your subconscious.These tracks will give The Editor a massive “software upgrade.”

And it couldn’t be easier.

Simply use 15-Minute Manifestation, 15 minutes-a-day, for 21 days.

Now, why 21 days?

Well, that’s how long it takes to complete the “software upgrade” and to change some of your core beliefs and habits.
In other words…
That’s just how long it takes for
your brain to “rewire itself.”

Track 1 is called
“Your Natural State.”

During the first week, 15-Minute Manifestation will begin to open your mind up to the natural state of unlimited abundance. This track will “tell” The Editor that you don’t have to “work hard” to CREATE abundance. Instead, it will dissolve the limiting beliefs and stories that are currently PUSHING AWAY what you really want. “Your Natural State” resets your brain to the condition it was in when you were born: Rich with endless possibility… Not endless scarcity.

This is the foundational track you’ll honestly go to for the rest of your life.

Track 2 is called
“Your New Story.”

Imagine the realization hitting you, from the inside out, that scarcity isn’t true… And abundance is all there is. Powerful, right? That’s what happens when your old stories no longer have power over you.

Let’s face it:

Your OLD story has been sabotaging the financial breakthroughs you know you SHOULD have already experienced. So, when The Editor “learns” your NEW story, all of the negative circumstances that used to own your attention… just naturally fall away, and get replaced with what you really want. And obviously, the more you observe, in your current reality, what you really want, the faster you’ll gain an incredible amount of momentum towards getting… MORE of that!

More of everything you’ve been dreaming of, since, well… forever.

Track 3 is called
“Moving Towards Abundance.”

I absolutely love this track. Because now that The Editor is coming from its natural state of unlimited possibility, you’re going to start consciously “playing” with your experience of reality!

But here’s something you really need to be aware of: You see, your attention is either moving you towards something, or away from something. But either way, You’re always manifesting where your attention is, right now. So for instance, if you want to manifest an extra $5,000, in this month alone, you can ONLY think about $5,000, and what you’re going to do with it.

The moment The Editor forces you to start thinking about the stack of bills you’re in reaction to; the stack of bills that MADE YOU want an extra $5,000… Well, if that’s where your attention is… You’re just manifesting a larger stack of unpaid bills.

So, Track 3, “Moving Towards Abundance” helps reverse this cycle of negativity and scarcity, and helps focus your attention on telling your new story of abundance and prosperity.

It’s not the Law of Attraction. It’s not speaking endless, useless affirmations…
And it’s definitely NOT pie-in-the-sky garbage, like most of what’s in the self-development world.
15-Minute Manifestation is about speaking directly to The Editor, and transforming your underlying conditioning, so your attention is FINALLY FREE to focus on abundance.

Now, in addition to the entire 15-Minute Manifestation System, I’m throwing in this BONUS if you order today.

I want to GIVE you one of my personal favorite frequencies, valued at $39.99, for free.

It’s been my GO TO track for erasing years of anxiety and stress that just seemed to be gnawing away at my soul.

It’s actually a “DELTA” brainwave frequency track I call “DEEP SLEEP NOW.”
Where “THETA” frequencies speak “the language of the subconscious”, “DELTA” frequencies speak the language of rest, sleep, and peace… blessed peace.

This bonus track includes another full 15 minutes of brain frequency re-programming.

Again, pulsing Delta beats are paired with the highest quality rest-inducing nature sounds and calming music.

And then, on top of the Delta frequencies and nature sounds, is a guided meditation that literally walks you down the path to the most satisfying sleep you’ve ever encountered.

Imagine heading to bed with that pit in your stomach… Where you just KNOW you’re going to toss and turn, Because you can’t turn your brain off?

Well, you can kiss that NOISE goodbye with “DEEP SLEEP NOW.”
It’s part of my nightly ritual, and it will become a treasured part of yours, too.
It’s yours FREE, a $39.99 value if you get 15-Minute Manifestation today.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re wary of any new “secret” claiming to be a “manifestation miracle.” You’re skeptical, as you should be. There are SO many gurus who just seem to be after your money. But that’s not what 15-Minute Manifestation is about.

That’s not what I’m about.

In fact, I remember being where you’re at right now:

Wanting a better life… Craving a better life…

But thinking:

I’ll NEVER get there.
But when you realize that
your Natural State is abundance

And The Editor has simply been resisting it… Well, everything changes.

So, please do yourself a favor…

Set aside just 15 minutes of your time today.

Once you order the 15-Minute Manifestation, you can download the program immediately, and start using it to see the results for yourself… Whether its bushels of money… Financial freedom… Love and relationships… …or anything you would like to have in your dream life.

And I’m so confident YOU’LL experience the same transformation, I’m making you this promise:

Try 15-Minute Manifestation as directed for one year.
If you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll refund your money. Every last cent!

The bottom line is, 15-Minute Manifestation is the FASTEST and EASIEST pathway to the life of your fantasies…

No matter what they are, or how big you dream.

Think about it:

If 15-Minute Manifestation didn’t work…
Would I be here baring
my soul to you?
And giving you this 365-day, money-back guarantee?

In fact, the money-back guarantee is backed by Clickbank.com, the most trusted online information retailer in the world. This means, when you request for a refund, you WILL get every penny back, though Clickbank.com, no matter what I say.

That’s WHY I’m taking ALL of the risk.

Again, try 15-Minute Manifestation as directed for one year.

Just imagine…

Living a life… FREE from your OLD STORY.

Imagine a life where your attention; now programmed by unlimited abundance, is creating the life of your dreams.

Imagine what it’ll feel like to have the confidence in knowing, “Everything ALWAYS works out for me in a magnificently abundant way.”

And all you NEED is a simple pair of headphones, and 15-Minute Manifestation.

Now, I’ve been asked, “Can I get the same results some other way?”
The answer? Well, that’s a big, fat “MAYBE.”
Listen, most psychologists or hypnotherapists aren’t even aware of how to DIRECTLY access, and reprogram the subconscious…

AKA The Editor. Let’s say you can find a NLP expert or hypnotherapist in your neighborhood, who is financially abundant, and willing to sit down with you to re-program your Editor. You’d pay, on average, $150 per session. And if you went once a week, it would take almost 6 months.

And it would cost you $3,150, excluding your time and transportation costs… to maybe get a faction of the results you can achieve with your headphone, and 15 minutes of your time, every day.

Think about it:

Who can afford that kind of risk?
Who has that kind of time?
Do you want to throw that kind of money… at a “maybe”?
Your absolute best guaranteed option is 15 Minute Manifestation.

And immediately begin living the life of your dreams, FREE from the chains of The Editor.

When you click on the button, you’ll be redirected to a 100%-secure order form on clickbank.net, where you can confirm everything that comes with your purchase, before it’s final.

Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll have instant access to download the entire 15-Minute Manifestation System.

Get More detailed information, or Purchase the 15 Minute Manifestation Program, by clicking on
the Link below:

CLICK HERE to Visit the 15 Minute Manifestation Program – Website

Now, I have one final thought:

Just for a second, clear your mind of everything I’ve written in this letter.
And instead, I want you to think about your ATTENTION… As a choice.

Just to drive home what that means, I’m reminded of a Native American story.

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life.
“A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.
“It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.
One is evil.

He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego…and scarcity.”
He continued, “The other is good.

He is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, faith and abundance.

The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”
The old Cherokee simply replied, “The wolf you feed.”

Well… Which wolf will YOU feed… with your attention?

Will you continue to let The Editor sabotage everything you want, by tragically keeping your attention focused on everything you DON’T want?

Are you ready to re-program your subconscious to easily focus on, and therefore manifest everything you DO want, by simply wearing your headphones for 15 minutes-a-day?

Abundance IS your Natural State. Unfortunately, The Editor keeps resisting… and pushing away… The abundance THAT’S ALREADY YOURS.

But now, you can finally, let it ALL in. Because 15-Minute Manifestation empowers you to FEED The Wolf of Abundance.

And you can start feeding The Wolf of Abundance, right now
by clicking or tapping the button below.

So please, get started living an abundant life today.
You deserve it.

And again, if for any reason, you aren’t COMPLETELY thrilled with your results, let me know. And I’ll instantly refund every penny.

There’s simply no reason not to start living an abundant life…RIGHT NOW!

And allow me to welcome you to a
world where your ATTENTION
creates your ABUNDANCE.

Make today an abundant one.

I’ve tried other manifestation programs before…and they didn’t work. Why will this be any different?
The reason is simple. You can only manifest what your Editor’s programming (your attention, beliefs, judgments) allows you to. You simply cannot manifest a new and abundant reality until there’s new programming.

That’s what 15-Minute Manifestation does for you, automatically.

It reprograms your subconscious, whereas those other programs could never even access your subconscious.

15-Minute Manifestation is the only manifestation program developed around cutting-edge brain science.

So for the first time in your entire life, it’s not only POSSIBLE to manifest abundance…

But it’s EASY. And when I say easy, I don’t mean everything just falls into your lap. Because that’s not actually what you want. Instead, you’ll experience one magical, miraculous breakthrough after the other.

And you’re going to become someone who makes decisions based on what FEELS good, not what you “believe” you can or can’t do. That’s the inevitable transformation you’ll go through, when you watch “reality” change… as your subconscious is “rewritten.”

Get More detailed information, or Purchase the 15 Minute Manifestation Program, by clicking on
the Link below:

CLICK HERE to Visit the 15 Minute Manifestation Program – Website




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