3 Week KETOGENIC Diet: Your Bad Habits Determine Your Future & How To CHANGE Them

3 Week KETOGENIC Diet: Your Bad Habits Determine Your Future & How To CHANGE Them

Whoever said it takes 21-Days to form a habit, probably hadn’t read the most recent study about how long it takes to form a good habit.

The amount of days it takes to “form” a habit isn’t important.

What’s important is you are actively trying to change your habits.

What matters is that you actually care about transforming bad habits to healthy habits.

That you are aware that certain behaviors are causing you the most pain and suffering.

When you realize that the body you currently have is the result of the habits you currently have, you won.

Sure, maybe you don’t have the body you want…yet.

But you have started the tough, but necessary process of personal responsibility.

How You Got Here In The First Place

Gaining weight doesn’t happen overnight.

Days, months, years, and even decades of poor lifestyle choices has probably gotten you to this point. Reading this diet book hoping to find the holy grail for fat loss.

This book is what you’ve been searching for all of these years.

A program that understands why you’ve been gaining weight and why you probably have had trouble getting rid of it.
You didn’t get fat because of inactivity, excess calories, genetics, or not enough dieting.

You gained weight because of a combination of a lot of things you either weren’t doing or doing too much of that negatively impacted your metabolism.

Your hormones are out of whack

Your blood sugar is unstable.

Your digestion system is inflamed.

Your liver is toxic.

Your thyroid is unhappy.

All leading to a sluggish metabolism.

Fix Your Bad Habits with the 3-Week Ketogenic Diet.

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