Deadly Seduction System REVIEW + Deadly Seduction System Trial for Only $1

Deadly Seduction System REVIEW + Deadly Seduction System Trial for Only $1

I’ve never told this to anyone before. For years I’ve selfishly kept this secret to myself…

…The Secret Formula Of How To Naturally Get Any Woman To Develop Romantic And Wild Sexual Attraction To Any Man…

And It Works On Every Woman On The Planet – No Matter How You Look, How Old You Are, Or How Much Money You Have…

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Derek Rake

– Derek Rake, author, speaker, coach

From: Derek Rake

Dear Friend,

I think you’ll be shocked by what you’re about to read.

Three deadly vicious LIES about dating and attraction have been systematically fed into most men’s minds… and there’s a good chance that they have been responsible for spoiling YOUR chances with women so far.

If you BELIEVED any of these lies, then reading this letter will stop you from making the costliest mistake in your life…

…because later I’m going to EXPOSE all three lies and give you the exact steps you can take that will solve all your dating woes forever.

But first, I want to share with you a short story about myself.

I was recently out at a trendy bar in Boston with an old school friend of mine. Blessed with superstar good looks, Wayne was six-foot-five, as suave as George Clooney in a Brioni tux… and he has made bogs of cash as a heavy-hitter investment banker. And to top it all up, he drives a bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo (which he nicknames the “Poon-Magnet”).

Quite simply, Wayne seems to have one up on me in every way… looks, height, money, career… you name it. He’s what you might call “Mr Perfect”.

Both of us were chatting up two attractive women at the bar. Wayne started to brag about the millions he had made on Wall Street, and offered to buy the girls a $600 bottle of vintage Cristal. As he poured the drinks, he started to compliment the girls on their voluptuous curves, mesmerizing blue eyes, lovely blonde curls…

I was doing none of that! But what then happened next might surprise you…

The women slowly stopped paying attention to Wayne… and started to get magnetically drawn to me instead!

Needless to say, Wayne was completely floored by this… and was convinced that I just had a lucky break. After all, he thinks that he’a a real catch by any standard…

But, as we approached more women in the bar, the same thing happened… the women are obviously more attracted to me than to Wayne.

So what happened? Can you guess how I “beat” Wayne?

If you don’t, then here’s the answer: what gave me the advantage over Wayne was that I was aware of the Three Deadly Lies of Dating… and I had avoided making these common mistakes like a plague. Read on to find out what they are.

Lie #1:

You Can Make A Woman Like You Using Canned Routines, Openers & Stories That “Demonstrate High Value”

This LIE really pisses me off because it’s blatantly false, and was cooked up to deliberately MISLEAD men.

Like most guys, I used to BELIEVE in this lie… after seeing it multiple times in a couple of dating guides.

Here’s the brutal truth… much of what we are commonly taught about dating is just plain WRONG. It leads to endless confusion, needless frustration and settling for low quality women. It sucks.

I’ve found that success (not only with women, but in any aspect of life) involves ignoring or even doing the OPPOSITE of what the “gurus” tell you.

So contrary to the bullcrap you hear about using “canned routines” and “openers” that “demonstrate high value ”, you should NOT be monopolizing the conversation… and you definitely shouldn’t do most of the talking.

Instead, know that if you can get her to talk about the RIGHT themes and topics, you can then “guide” her to share with you HER stories that will generate INTENSE emotions…

… and link those wonderful romantic emotions to you!

Back to my previous story about Wayne:

He had all these canned routines and braggart stories to tell women… but they only demonstrated his deep-seated INSECURITIES… and women will see right through him every single time.

Until Wayne gets a clue about how to generate attraction in women systematically without resorting to canned stories and routines, he will probably going to keep getting haphazard results with women.

Lie #2:

You Have To “CHASE” Women To Get Them Attracted To You

This is a subtle lie, but a deadly one.

It might sound somewhat like a paradox to you, but here’s what most guys miss…

The more SELECTIVE you are, then the more CHOICES you will have when it comes to women. In fact, the more women you REJECT, the more women will FLOCK to you.

Listen to me here… if there’s only ONE thing you take away from reading this letter then it’s this –

If you select women based on your OWN standards, it makes you far more attractive than guys who settle for sub-par women just to get some…

Why is this so? Well, the answer is simple… guys who “chase” women are always so nice and eager to please that they drive women away.

That was what happened to Wayne… he thought that the more he tried to please the women (by buying them expensive champagne and showering them with compliments), the bigger the chances of him getting laid.

My approach was different: I used a simple trick that automatically triggers attraction inside any woman I meet… and then I compel her to chase me instead.

Later, I’m going to show you a step-by-step method on how I do this…

And you won’t see this method elsewhere because I’m the only one teaching it. Keep reading!

Lie #3:

You Should Set Your Sights Only On Women Who Are “In Your League”

Have you ever had one of these thoughts run through your mind?

“Well, I’m not really into hot women anyway. As long as she’s OK looking then I’m fine.”
“I’m getting old, so I better get what I can take.”
“I’m probably not good enough for a woman like that.”
If you have, then like most guys, you are setting your targets WAY too low.

Most guys settle for the first girl who likes them, and then try too hard to CLING on to her as long as possible. Or… they see a woman who is truly hot and then DISQUALIFY themselves because they think it’s impossible to seduce out of their league.

Instead of withholding your TRUE desires, why not make your wildest wishes and dreams come true?

I’ve guided thousands of men to do this… and there’s no reason why I can’t do the same with you.

If you weren’t aware of these lies that you’ve been fed with, don’t feel bad. Once upon a time I wasn’t aware either.

I still remember hanging around friends who have this kind of incredible power… a seemingly natural ability to draw women to them like a magnet.

I used to tell myself that I can’t compete simply because I’m not good looking enough, or that I am not that interesting as a person… and so on.

But I finally realized that I was just feeding myself with pathetic excuses and owned up to the fact that…

…When It Came To Understanding Women, I Was As Clueless As A Playboy Playmate At A Quantum Physics Lecture

I then decided to tackle this very important part of my life head-on… and try to research the process of attracting women by reading every dating book that I could get my hands on.

Some of the materials I read were useful, but most were just plain, cookie-cutter stuff which have been rehashed from other books.

Now if you’ve come across Neil Strauss’ book “The Game”, then you should be aware of the existence of certain online groups called the “Seduction Community”.

Truth be told… I was part of this Community for many years until I pulled out from it…

…after realizing that the Seduction Community is possibly the BIGGEST perpetrator of the Three Deadly Lies that I deeply despised

More on my beef with the Seduction Community later… but here’s what happened after I made my “exit stage left” from the Community…

I gathered all my journals, notes and in-field recordings that I meticulously made over the years, and painstakingly crafted and experimented with a step-by-step system for generating INTENSE attraction in women… using a combination of psychological and “best-of-breed” tactics.

And what I created completely revolutionized my dating life in every way… I went from this timid guy who walks with a permanent slouch…

To suddenly find myself in “sure win” situations… where hot women were approaching me and competing against each other to win me over.

It Was So Easy That I Had To Pinch Myself Repeatedly To Make Sure I Was Not Dreaming…

I’m totally stumped why more guys haven’t discovered these secrets. I mean, I haven’t changed anything about me… I was still broke as a joke, and I was still driving my 1980 pickup truck when I go on dates with the beautiful women (strangely, they never seemed to mind…)

Now whenever I lay my eyes on a woman I desire, all I need to do is to I follow the meticulous System that I have perfected over the years… and it’s just a matter of time before she completely surrenders herself to me… body and soul.

That’s a huge claim, I know. But once you finished reading this letter you will understand just how insanely powerful the System is, and why it’s completely fail-proof…

… and with it, you can just “switch on” your newly-acquired magnetic powers of seduction… and instantly make romance and sex come roaring into your life!

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