Feel Good Knees System: LEARN HOW Weird Rubbing Technique Heals Knee Pain

Feel Good Knees System: LEARN HOW Weird Rubbing Technique Heals Knee Pain

Weird “Rubbing Technique” Heals Knees After 60 Years of Pain

After a lifetime of not being able to pursue his favorite activities — hiking, playing sports, even spending quality time with family — a 79-year-old man has turned back the clock and is now living life on his terms… all thanks to this weird exercise.

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60 years ago, Mike Parker tore the meniscus in his left knee while playing football.

A young, healthy man in the prime of his life, Mike never expected it would lead to decades of pain.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened, and it’s what happens to millions of people just like him.

Mike Parker, 79 years young, experiencing a pain-free fulfilling life after 60 years of debilitating knee pain

Today, 100 million Americans suffer from chronic knee pain. That means if you’re lucky enough to not be one of those people, it’s almost certain you know someone who is. It’s the second most common cause of chronic pain, and its results are debilitating. The painful throbbing, swelling and discomfort in the knees does more than just take us away from our favorite activities… it takes us away from all the best parts of life.

Because when you’re constantly in pain, being “in the moment” just isn’t possible. Every moment is a struggle, where you’re just trying to get through the day, all while you’re wishing you could just go plop down somewhere.

That had been Mike’s life for 60 years. Since that fateful day on the football field, he lived with the constant, nagging knee pain as a result of his torn meniscus.

Besides an injury like Mike’s, there are many causes for chronic knee pain: osteoarthritis (which is actually hastened by injuries like meniscus tears), tendinitis, bursitis… the list goes on, but the end result is the same: constant discomfort and a feeling of hopelessness.

“The pain comes and goes — sometimes mild, sometimes intense,” Mike explains. “Over the years, I’ve dealt with it by using pain creams, knee braces and over-the-counter pain meds, with varying degrees of success.”

Full relief always seemed to elude him, though. At 79 years old, Mike thought his dream of living with less pain and more functionality would never come true…

Complete Knee Pain Relief — In The LAST Place You’d Expect
That is, until he saw something online about a weird “rubbing technique” that was supposed to help knee pain…

“I thought I might as well give it a try. Nothing else was working,” Mike says. “The explanation … was very convincing. I try to stay away from doctors if I can, and the holistic approach appealed to me. The results are AMAZING. After the third day, the pain was gone!”

Are you ready to see the “weird” technique that put a stop to 60 years of knee pain?

Here it is…

The Leg Release Technique For Fast Knee Pain Relief

Before I share this powerful technique with you, let me share that this technique is designed to quickly reduce painful inflammation and help “free up” the kneecap (which is one of the biggest causes of knee pain).

In order to be free from knee pain, like Mike, you’ll need to get your kneecap back in alignment by performing an easy to follow 1,000 year old 5-minute ritual that I’ll share with you in a moment.

Step 1: Place two chairs facing each other about 18” apart. You’ll need a “prop” for this exercise — nothing you don’t already have in the house… it just needs to have a relatively smooth surface. It can even be a can of beans or a jar of multivitamins! You’ll be using this to massage your leg.

Step 2: Sit in one chair and place one leg on the opposite chair. You’re going to lounge back in the chair, so that you can massage high up your thigh. Take your “prop” and start high on your hip. Make sure your hip and knee are aligned. In one smooth motion, massage your leg straight down the middle part of your thigh. You don’t need to go too slow or too fast, and the goal isn’t to hurt yourself. You want to get deep into the tissues of your leg.

Step 3: Massage down the middle of your thigh three times, then do the same for the lateral portion of the quad (about an inch or so toward the outside of the leg). After that, repeat the motion for the outside of your thigh (known as the I.T. band). Remember to start very high toward the hip — that’s why we’re lounging in our chair! Once you’ve massaged down three times from all three spots, switch legs and repeat.

Remember earlier when I shared with you that the Leg Release Technique is used to help loosen up your knee cap to give you freer movement and reduce inflammation. Yet in order to get full pain relief in your knee(s) I’d like to share with you the powerful 5 minute ritual for reducing knee pain… the SAME EXACT ritual Mike followed that eliminated his 60 year knee pain in 3 days!

This Bizarre Exercise Ritual Can Cut YOUR Knee Pain In Half In The Next 5 Minutes (read below…)

The weird rubbing technique you just learned about is part of an easy, pain-free, 5-minute exercise ritual you can do ANYWHERE that quickly eliminates knee pain. After you do this bizarre exercise, you’re going to be able to enjoy more golf, more time with family, and more doing the things YOU love WITHOUT knee pain.

You read that right — there’s no dangerous pills, no complicated equipment, no painful sessions at physical therapy — just a simple, proven ritual that takes MINUTES and will restore your knees to a strong, healthy state… so that you can live your best life possible!


Bizarre 1,000 Year Old Exercise Scientifically PROVEN To Eliminate Knee Pain (without drugs or surgery)

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