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FIFA13 was released not long ago. Although the trading fundamentals you’ll learn remain pretty much the same in any version, we’re giving you updated info every week with:

– Webapp Recorded FIFA 13 Trading Videos

– Weekly updates of which Trades are making us A LOT OF MONEY right now.

– Game Mechanics Exploits the Powergamers are using to beat everyone

– All Other Relevant Trading Tips, Q&A from the Members and Support

99% of FUT Players Make the SAME Trading Mistakes

How do I know?

Well, because I PROFIT from these Mistakes… Every Single Day.

They are the Sheep and we are the Wolves.

While this Free Report alone is Not Enough to Turn You Into a FUT Millionaire, we are giving You the chance to STOP BEING THE SHEEP, and repeating the same mistakes, over and over again, that eat up ALL your Trading Profits.

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– Old and Rehashed Popular Strategies like Min. 59

This is a system I’ve developed on my own. I’m 100% sure you won’t find this Trading System anywhere else, because I’ve looked, and pretty much no one but us is doing this, at least at our MASSIVE SCALE and with our Profits.

The old methods have too many people using them, and with better means than us, like Illegal autobuying scripts.

Do you fancy your chances competing in the Min 59 with a robot that buys players in less of a second?

– Any method that involves buying Packs

Packs are a bit of a scam in my opinion, buying them expecting to get rich is like playing in a casino. The only ones who get rich are the casino owners, or EA in this case.

– Playing the game or Trading Several hours a day.

You can make as much money as me trading 30 minutes a day, and 3x as much,if you can trade 1h30m a day, 4x as much if you can trade 2h a day and so on. Obviously if you have more time to trade, you’ll make more money.

– About spending your Real Hard-Earned Money

I get messaged al the time by people asking me how I got my team, how much real money I’ve paid for it, if there’s a money cheat in the game, etc.

I’ve never spent a dime of real money or cheated anyone.

– Something Illegal or that will put your account at Risk

EA are very, very trigger happy on accounts and they will definitely ban your account if they suspect something fishy is going on, or even if you try to scam anyone in the game.

Autobuying scripts are illegal, so I wouldn’t even want to jeopardize my account, and most importantly… I don’t need to! My system is 100% legal.

The Fifa Ultimate Team Millionaire Method is repeatable and scalable to infinity.

So if you could trade an entire day, you could make hundreds of thousand, maybe even 1 million coins in that one day.

To Afford my old FIFA12 TeamI only needed to raise 2 Million trading just 30 minutes a day in less than 3 months…

When you understand the Method and get some experience using it, you scale your trading using the Method to make 100k a day easily in less than 2 hours a day to trade.

And I’m talking XBOX numbers, it should be much more on other platforms!

Although I’ve used many methods I read on the web because I like to try new things, I ended up developing my own because it just works much better than the others theoretically and in practice.

In fact, it’s so simple anyone can do it without much knowledge of the game. People just don’t realize how much money you can make by using it.


As I said, I play on the XBOX 360.

However one of my friends I met recently last year actually had the Top Rated team on ALL of FIFA 12. That’s 195 Rating!

And to top off the Fifa Ultimate Team Millionaire Guide …


– His personal trading methods

– His golden rules and tricks of the trade

– How he predicts major market movements

– How he spent 960k in one day to get 1,3 Million back after 2 days

So you’ll be getting not only my insights, but also the insight and tricks of someone more hardcore than me, and also our exchanges and opinion about each others’ systems.

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