Girl Gets Ring Review

“Girl Gets Ring Review” Online Dating for Independent Women. Online dating lends time flexibility and a various degree of secrecy…It’s really up to you how much or how little you attempt to locate “Mr. Right”. You can proceed to learn more about the individual or you can cut the relationship short and move on with no emotional strings attached. The cyber dating world, like the real world, is made up of all kinds of unique individuals – serious, funny, kinky, eccentric, as well as dangerous…

It is important to approach online dating like a pro—a management professional. The Internet is full of opportunities to find a soul mate but one must do it intelligently and with great care.

Modern technology coupled with dating innovations will help you customize your search for the “ideal” man of your dreams. You will be able to sift through thousands of eligible men to find one that matches your needs. A study in the UK revealed that there was a success rate of approximately 94%. Believe it or not there are more than 700+ online dating sites on the Internet and it is a growing business.

As women and men become more computer savvy, socializing on the net is gaining popularity. Matchmaking on the net is today becoming innovative with videos, live voice, instant messaging, and so on.

The wonderful world of online dating allows you to:

Read all about a person and his likes and dislikes in a profile—one does not have to meet the man time and again to glean a small bit of insight into him.

Specify clearly what you are seeking.

Matchmaking services will help you narrow down a choice by using compatibility rankings and questionnaires.

The online service will mail you each day many “possible” profiles for consideration. To be ‘efficient’ in your quest you would need to write down criteria of your concept of Mr. Right.

Commonly used search options are: profession, location, age, height, physical characteristics, lifestyle, birth sign, and hobbies.

Don’t be afraid, online dating is a stress free method of meeting people for fun, friendship, and love. You are the one to decide what kind of relationship you are seeking—a temporary one or a long term one; whether you want commitment or just a casual relationship.

Set your own limits or boundaries and keep to them—decide no sex until I known the man well and follow the dictum. Because a man is dashing and drop dead handsome and has charmed the ‘boots off you,” don’t jump into bed with him—wait until you are sure that’s what you want.

By using your computer with the click of your mouse you can explore a world of opportunities. Just 10 minutes on any search engine —Yahoo, Google, or Alta Vista –and you will have access to:

Dating sites.
Articles discussing different concerns that plague all of us—from makeovers, to what so say, to dating ideas, coping with rejection and so on.
Plenty of advice, tips, as well as “ask a question” sites.

At first, online dating may seem gigantic or intimidating. There are so many choices – the question that will crowd your mind is…

“Which one should I choose?”

First create a budget and decide how much you want to invest on online dating. Some sites charge a one-time fee while others a recurring monthly fee. A few are free. Second, do some research and find out whether anyone known to you has used a site and what their experience was. Third, read an online dating guide –most of these provide valuable information. Then, set aside quality time to ‘check out” sites thrown up by search engines…do a personal survey of what each offers.

There are special “niche sites” catering to specific requirements like religious affiliations, sexual preferences, political beliefs and so on. So, if you do have any preferences that you are particular about you must look for sites that offer such choices.

Jot down the pros and cons of a few sites that you are inclined towards and check out the number of members, as well as any reviews by outside agencies on the site in question.

Some sites offer a free, limited period membership—to give you a taste – avail of the offer. Also, consider joining more than one site—it will increase greatly your chances of meeting someone.

Choosing a site is a personal preference. Each site has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Many have several safety measures in place. Yet others are lax and could be misused by members who are not suitable. You need to decide what you’re comfortable with.

Most sites will require the creation of a profile that possible dates will read and contact you by. Some sites require a detailed profile while others let you create your own version.

How much you want to reveal — what aspect of your life/personality, is for you to decide. Keep in mind, what you say should paint a word picture of who you are—be precise as well as honest about yourself.

What the profile does not indicate can be conveyed in subsequent e-mails and chat room chats or over a phone. Don’t come on too strongly – men will steer clear of you if they get the impression that you are a strong woman.

If the dating site has specific questions in key areas, like children, try and be totally honest. If you have children, say so. If you want children, say so. You can’t build a life-long relationship by misleading a man about something as important as whether you have or would like children.

Remember, it’s a numbers game. You need to get as many potential lovers to see your profile as possible (within your budget). You also need to be able to review as many profiles as possible.

Don’t assume that submitting your profile and attaching a photo is enough. You need to cast your net as wide as possible. Start searching using your desired criteria in your local area and then systematically expand your search until, if necessary, you’ve covered the whole country – love knows no boundaries. Obviously, it may not be practical for one or both of you to travel several hours to see each other, but don’t be too quick to rule this out. Absence can often make the heart grow fonder.

Be sure to look for a site that offers personality and compatibility testing or advice services. The process in these sites is a bit slower but the ultimate goals reached are what you could be seeking—the chances of your finding the true love of your life are highly likely.

Popular sites are:;;; and Many daters increase their chances of meeting Mr. Right by joining more than one site.

Do check what safety measures the sites have in place—the most important ones are: anonymous e-mailing, and a secure phone system.

Other must haves are—online instant messaging, photo personals with password protection, voice chat, and local dating advice/activities.

Privacy protection is what most online dating sites aim for. All efforts are made to ensure safety to users:

Most sites have a e-mail system that never reveals an users identity. The system is designed to protect the user’s privacy.

A user name is used that has no connection whatsoever to your e-mail address. The username is coined by the user/member themselves and is a random nomenclature.

There are blocking options, which can be used to block a person from accessing your profile or even contacting you.

Many sites have a certification of trust –they are a member of the TRUSTe program. This means that they adhere in everyway to established privacy rules.

Sites also have a BBB online reliability seal, which means the site can be trusted.

Remember, you’re in a competition. The more effort you put in, the better the results you’ll get.

It requires very few resources. All that is needed is for you to make your self-available and get in touch with “like minded” singles. The dating site can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone.

Offers freedom, flexibility, and choice. You make the decision of contacting interesting profiles. You decide whether or not to answer an e-mail or message.

Posting a profile allows you to limit your search. And listing of criteria in a partner narrows down the search. A search can be tailored to suit—location, physique, age or profession.

You can have the freedom to search whenever you like—early morning, late at night, weekends, and so on. Online dating does not set borders of time or location. You need not leave your Pc and find Mr. Right.

There are many ways to interact with interesting people. Options include: e-mail, creative icons, chat rooms, instant messaging, games, voice/video greeting, dating meets as well as safe phone calls.

You can be in touch with more than one Mr. Possible. There are no restrictions you may be in touch with 5, 20, or even 100.

Fears, shyness, inhibitions, and other problems are eased in online dating, as there is no face-to-face contact until you choose to. Embarrassment at being candid or honest is also reduced.

Choose an online site with few limitations—one that features domestic as well as international people. Don’t limit your options to your immediate neighborhood or town.

Read and understand the company’s policy page as well as purpose. Be sure to read or ask for their privacy policy. Look up reviews of the site by impartial experts or users. Read the FAQ section thoroughly.

Download Alexa Toolbar, which ranks online sites with no.1 being the most popular.

Check about the payment system and whether it is secure.

Find out and ascertain what security features are in place to protect you from harm.

Quick Tips:

Be open about yourself.
Use instant messaging as well as “chat rooms” to get to know men better. It is more interactive that e-mails.
Once you are certain you would like to get to know a man better use the phone—voices reveal more than typed words. Speak on the phone as often as needed.
When you do decide to meet do so in a public place.
Always keep safety in mind.

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