Manifestation Magic: 10 Signs the Universe is Talking to You

Manifestation Magic: 10 Signs the Universe is Talking to You

Most people, especially the young, consider universal signs and secret codes as old wives fables or outright superstitions. However, the universe is always trying to communicate to us through signs and secret codes, and these ciphers are still as important as they were decades ago. You should be conscious to notice them. Just like dream interpretations, the signs provide messages to guide and sometimes redirect you if you are on the wrong path.

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In this article, we will discuss 9 signs that show the universe is trying to tell you something:

Repeated Appearance of Recurring Numbers

The universe is telling you something if you see recurring numbers frequently, or recurring events. You may not notice it at first, until you observe the same thing happening time and again. The most popular numbers believed to be a universal sign are 11:11. The common belief is that whenever the time is 11:11 you should make a wish and it will come true.

Overhearing Relatable Conversions

Advice from friends and family comes in handy when making different life decisions, but there are times we just need to figure things out on our own. For example, let’s say you are deliberating whether to rely on a dating site to find a partner or to go the old-fashioned way. This is a truly tricky decision because today, lots flops come with online dating but so are the success stories.

When you are in such a situation, and then you overhear a conversation that relates to your situation, it is not a coincidence. It is the universe providing the answer to your dilemma.

For example, a person in the online dating dilemma above could go for lunch at her favorite restaurant, only to overhear people talking about their romantic experiences after dating online. That is a sign from the universe encouraging him or her to take the risk and explore online dating.

Bizarre Road Signs

When traveling, be attentive to the road signs as they are also a way the universe can use to talk to you. For example, when you witness a horrifying aftermath of an accident, the universe could be warning you that you need to slow your life down to avoid disaster. You may also find a discarded item like a shopping cart in the middle of the road; another sign from the universe telling you to look for more resources in your next level of life.

Some people believe the unsightly incidences like those of dead animals on the road are secret messages from the universe. For example, a dead bird shows it’s time to free yourself from an uncomfortable situation, and a dead deer is a hint for you to tap into your gentle nature.

A Song Stuck in Your Head

When you wake up with a song stuck in your head, look at the lyrics of the song and you will find advice or a hidden message. A smooth song may be telling you to relax while a wistful lyric from your early life may be asking you to go back to a playful state of mind. It may also help to find when and where you first heard the song. If it was when you met a particular person, it might help you obtain answers regarding- love, career or abundance.


Whether they are good or bad, surprises are important universal messages. For example, you may open a letter addressed to somebody else talking about your current dilemma, e.g. whether to move to a new town, or stay in your current residence. You may also receive a call from a stranger who works in your dream company. Be attentive to such signs as they will guide you to make the right decision.

A Prolonged Mild Illness

The state of the body provides a lot of universal signs. A mild sickness like flu, for example, indicates that something great is at work in your body. The universe may also be telling you to appreciate life and stop complaining especially if the mild sickness leaves you feeling weak but grateful. Other illnesses like blocked ears show that you are not listening to yourself while an eye infection like a sty means that you can’t see what you are supposed to. Other people experience shortness of breath which shows they have unexpressed grief.

Random Appearances of Animals

Animals are the most natural way for the universe to send messages. The animals function as divine emissaries by showing up in random places and times. A grasshopper may land on your leg or on a book you may be reading to show you the need to make a big step in life. A flock of birds flying denotes travel while a money spider spinning around you is believed to introduce you to a wealthy lifestyle.

A Shooting Star that Brings Good Luck

The stars also communicate messages especially if you are fond of looking at them. Watching the shooting star as it falls, is believed to bring good luck. Various cultures have different interpretations of this star as some believe that the shooting star can be used for specific purposes. If you chant the word money several times (at least three) before the star falls, you may soon be out of poverty. Stationary stars also give meaningful messages according to some folklore. The English claim that gazing at the first star that appears during the night and making a wish should grant you your desire. In other cultures, you need to recite a poem as you make the request for it to be true.

When Your roof Keeps Caving In

If a part of your roof keeps caving in every time there’s a storm, it may be another sign from the universe telling you to slow down. Of course, the natural response is to call a professional to fix that part of the roof but if it keeps on pummeling down after the repair you need to be attentive. It may be a sign that you need to be less direct about a particular matter.

Lights Going Off, Without Electrical Fault

Just as you pass by, the lamp or light goes off without sufficient cause. This may have something to do with the way your brain functions. The brain communicates to and with all parts of the body through electronic impulses, and to be exact, all your actions and thoughts are as a result of electrical charges generated by the brain. Well, if these impulses can influence how your entire body functions, indeed, they can influence the world around you too.

If a street lamp suddenly goes out, it could be because you were sending out a very powerful message to the universe that it responded to you.

Ask yourself, what or who am I thinking about that made me send such a powerful electrical field?

Resources magically appear

Have you ever seen those moments when you intend to do something, and then you meet just the right person to help you accomplish your goal? Or those day when you are just browsing on Google or Facebook, and you accidently click a link that takes you to a resource about something you have been thinking about?

The universe is simply sending you a sign that you need to act in that direction.

Clearly, the universe sends lots of messages to guide us throughout life in different ways. You just need to be alert to notice them and take the right course of action.

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