Sciatica and Back Pain SELF-Treatment Systems REVIEWS

Sciatica and Back Pain SELF-Treatment Systems REVIEWS.

Back Pain and Sciatica – Spinal Recovery Systems

The 7-Day Back Pain & Sciatica Removal Method

Surprisingly Simple Trick Wipes Off Back Pain and Sciatica in 7 Days or Less, Regardless Your Age or Medical Condition. If you’re senior or an athlete, this unique 3 minute positioning method combined with powerful detoxification relieves years of pain in your back, hips and legs by naturally re-balancing skeletal and neuromuscular systems.

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Here are some of the latest testimonials from users of Spinal Recovery Systems…

Anne Cured Her Back in 5 Days

“I had ruptured lumbar discs causing sharp upper and lower back pain several times per day for over 2 years…I was hopeless. Doctor suggested discography, incredibly painful invasive ‘needle method’ to identify discs cause pain to plan replacement.

When I started your 7 Day System, I felt immediate relief as the pressure quickly evaporated out of my spine and back. Intensity of my pain reduced each day and at the end of the week my pain was completely gone…without surgery! Thanks so much!
Lee Ann Johnson, 46

Stephen Freed Himself from Sciatica

“I tried all possible methods of treatment to unblock my pinched nerve and gave this one little chance. Boy, was I wrong! After a single week of only drinking the herbal cocktail, without even trying the static exercises I was again free of all my hip and leg pains.

All the money wasted for steroidal injections, physical therapies and anti-inflammatories. And the best part, pain hasn’t come back, not even once since I went through the 7 Day System. Had I known about your method earlier, I could have bought a new car.”
Stephen Armstrong, 65

Jeanette is Back After Lumbar Injury

“There wasn’t much hope in this method when my friend sent me a link to your offer! I was out of gym for 6 months after I badly torn lower back muscle ligaments in my Crossfit workout. I expected to recover within one year using nothing but rest and pain killers.

Thanks to the 7 Day System I was able to heal my back within days, without harmful medication. The 3-minute static positioning routine works! I’m again in my yoga lessons and Crossfit class without any problems. Many thanks!”
Jeanette Delgado, 41


This never-before-seen system in the English speaking world is based on daily ingestion of special herbal concoction and a completely unique 3-minute routine consisting of 3 easy-to-assume static positions performed in bed or on the floor. You’ll be simply changing your knee positions to influence your back muscles, nerves and spinal discs in logical progression.

Every position fulfills a specific purpose. Combined, the static positions directly influence all spinal discs (up to the cervical disc C1 located in your neck) and the surrounding muscles that are crucial for spinal health and muscle recovery.

Here’s the complete breakdown of the procedure.

Neuromuscular Detoxification: Herbal Remedy for Accelerated Healing of Damaged Joints and Muscles
Based on Japanese research most diseases including back disorders have their origins in human past. Mental stress and poor nutrition disrupt bodily functions causing toxins to flow into muscles and joints.

Just like injury, this process introduces inflammation and swelling into the neuro-muscular system. The herbal drink made from easily obtainable ingredients contains powerful nutrients that restore the original balance. Detoxification is a must for this system to work with 100% effectiveness.

Static Position #2: Correcting The Hip Flexors Imbalance: Main Cause of Chronic Back Pain in Seniors
The underlying cause behind back pain and overall immobility lies in weak hip flexor which is the only muscle that connects lower and upper body. Contrary to its important function it is so thin that it easily becomes too weak or too stiff to hold these two major body parts together properly. You’ll use a simple isometric position to instantly relax and increase strength in this muscle.

Static Position #1: Restoring The Original Position of Spinal Discs Using Pressure Point Stimulation
Pain or soreness in your back can be often caused by improper posture while sitting, standing or lying as well as by lack of movement or application of large amount of force inducing tissue damage.

Muscle spasms and bulging discs can be easily healed using a unique static hold that effectively restores spinal discs into original position while stretching the lumbar muscles parallely and perpendicularly to muscle fibers. While therapists use similar methods our position is five times more efficient.

Static Position #3: Manipulation of Piriformis Muscle At The Right Angle to Release The Sciatic Nerve
Pinched sciatic nerve is the result of large amount of pressure from the piriformis muscle. Mild counter pressure under specific angle must be produced in order to release the nerve. Our method is again using special ‘Static Relaxation Hold’ to achieve this objective with maximum safety in the shortest amount of time possible. Decompression of the sciatic nerve has never been so easy using this simple exercise.


Easily work a normal shift without discomfort of any kind, whether you work in the office or manually.
Increase strength and flexibility in your back, legs and hips so you can easily work in your garden or at home.
Save money and precious time on useless physical therapies and chiropractic adjustments or strenuous pilates workouts and yoga classes.

Evade dangerous side-effects of medications and pain killers knowing they will never heal you completely!
Restore your full mobility so you can easily pick up and play any type of game or sport with your children or grandkids.

Avoid life-threatening and invasive surgeries that only cause harm to your body and shorten your life span!
Save yourself from annoying injections and doctor visits by using drug-free, completely natural way of healing!
Sleep comfortably and deeply at night without distractions that make you tired the next day and disrupt your established routine.

Feel relaxed and loose in your hips, legs and back by releasing years of pressure from your neuroskeletal system.

Boost your daily energy and eliminate chronic inflammation by flooding your body with the right nutrients.
Regain full concentration and maximum performance needed for sports or any other activity that requires 100% focus.

Lift heavy objects with zero risk of back injury at any age using the hidden body leverage known only to a handful of experts.

Naturally improve your posture while sitting and walking…naturally stand taller with your spine in the right configuration.

It’s Easy to Heal Any Back Pain or Sciatica Using Our Sequential Progression Method

The most important factor when targeting small internal muscles is to perform the exercises in correct order. Target one muscle too soon and the other one won’t relax or be open to any influence. This method was designed to stimulate all areas in correct order to produce desired effect.

Learn How To Get RID of Sciatica and Back Pain PERMANENTLY, by Clicking on the Link below:

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