Thought Elevators PROGRAM by Eric Taller REVIEW

Thought Elevators PROGRAM by Eric Taller REVIEW:

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After so many years of feeling hopeless, I thought things were finally going my way.

But then I almost lost everything that really matters.

I came home one evening to find my wife crying at the kitchen table. Her face was red and her eyes were puffy.

“I’m tired,” she said. “You’re not the same. All you do is work and meditate.”

I tried to argue, but she was right. I worked full time hours, and then I came home and spent 3 or 4 hours prepping my mind and meditating in the Theta State.

“What’s the point of having money,” she asked, “if you’re never around?”

She was right, but I was stuck.

If I stopped meditating, I’d stop attracting success.

But if I kept spending 4 hours every day to enter the Theta State, I’d be neglecting my family… and my own happiness.

I needed to find a way to enter the Theta State that didn’t take several hours.

I asked Dr. Linn and Art Mantri, but they didn’t know.

I finally found the answer when a coworker was telling me about his insomnia.

“I bought this CD,” he said. “The soundwaves of the music match the brainwaves when you sleep. Your brain matches it, and you fall right into deep sleep.”

Right away, I thought about the Theta State.

If the right soundwaves could make you sleep more deeply, could different soundwaves pull your mind into the Theta State?

I brought my question to the Dr Linn.

“Could this work?” I asked. “Could soundwaves at 4 to 7 hertz help me reach the Theta State faster?”

“Hypothetically, yes,” he said. “But it’s never been done.”

That wouldn’t stop me.

I went to an audio engineer.

“I need music at this frequency,” I said.

He gave me some funny looks, but he put together a 30-minute audio.

Once I had the audio, I added empowering statements. If this worked – and I thought it would – then the music would make my brain like clay, and the positive messages would reshape it to attract more success.

Then I created 3-minute videos to watch before the audios, to really get my mind prepped.

When all was said and done, I had a quick system to enter the Theta State.
I started calling my system Thought Elevators.

By this time, I knew what it felt like to enter the Theta State, and I could feel my mind effortlessly slipping into it in just 33 minutes.

It worked great, and I was saving myself over 3 hours every day.

But I had one more breakthrough before I was done.

One night, I had an important meeting with a client. I was at the office late, and couldn’t make it home. But I still wanted to use my Thought Elevators system.

So while I was scarfing down my dinner, I watched the 3-minute video, and then turned on the audio.

Now, I didn’t have time to close my eyes and meditate. I just had the audio play in the background while I got ready for the meeting.

But let me tell you, that meeting went fantastic.
See, after hearing my presentation, the client didn’t want to hire my boss. They wanted to hire me.
I started my own business consulting firm, and they were my first client.

It went so well, that I started wondering… did I really need to meditate, or could I just turn the audios on in the background? Could just my subconscious mind enter the Theta State and reshape my brain, all while I was focused on something else?

So I tried an experiment. I never meditated – I just watched the 3-minute video to prep my mind, and then turned on the audio in the background.

I’ve never had so much success in a single month!
My new firm found client after client.

I hired a manager, and suddenly I was making more money and working less than I ever had!

Before, I had to meditate 3-5 hours a day to enter the Theta State and reprogram my mind. Now, all I had to do was watch a 3-minute video, then push play on the audio.

My brain was transformed to attract more and more success, and to manifest all my desires.

My Thought Elevators system changed my life.

I moved my family back to the US, where I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

We recently bought our dream house, and I’m driving the car I always wanted.
When I see something I want to buy, I buy it. I don’t even worry about how much money is in my account. I let my accountant handle that.

I have the freedom I’ve always craved. No one orders me around. I work as much or as little as I want.

My family life is great, and I can really pursue my passions.

But I couldn’t keep this to myself. After all, I believe the purpose of manifesting your desires is so you can help others.
One day, I noticed a woman in a cubical doing my old job. She looked just as miserable as I used to be.

I talked to her. She said her name was Lisa, and I asked how she liked her job.

Lisa put on a fake smile and said she loved it.

“Come on,” I said, “you can be honest.”

Somehow, Lisa decided to open up. She was a single mother, and her ex-husband wasn’t paying child support. Her kids fought all the time, and Lisa worked all day. She felt trapped.

“I have something that might help,” I told her.

I let her use my Thought Elevators system. It reshaped her brain, and right away she started attracting success.
Her kids started getting along better, and she married her soulmate.

Then she got an idea for an online business, and was soon able to quit her job.

When I saw her last month, she’d bought a new BMW with cash!
Lisa couldn’t thank me enough. The Thought Elevators system had forced the universe to send her desires. She asked if she could share it with her friends.

I said, “of course.”

Soon, there were dozens of people using Thought Elevators.

One of Lisa’s friends became a millionaire flipping real estate. Another finally published her first book.
They were all able to enter the Theta State and reprogram their minds to attract success.

I had to make Thought Elevators available to the world.

So I collected 9 of the most powerful of these videos and audios into a series that I’m calling Thought Elevators.

They’re my “lazy man’s” shortcut to transforming your life.
I got the word out online, and so far I’ve sent my Thought Elevators to over 21,685 people, all over the world. They’re reshaping their minds to stop attracting failure, and start attracting success.

Unlike other programs, Thought Elevators doesn’t require any hard work. Other programs make you schedule hours every day to meditate.

But Thought Elevators elevates your brain and pulls your mind into the Theta State without extended meditation.

In fact you don’t have to meditate at all. (Of course, if you want to meditate the audios are perfect for deep meditation.)

Unlike other programs, Thought Elevators automatically reprograms your brain while you’re getting ready for the day, driving, eating, or doing whatever. You just have to watch the 3 minute video, then turn the audio on in the background. The Theta Wave music and the empowering audio will reshape your brain so you can effortlessly attract wealth, happiness, and success.

When you download the Thought Elevators package, you’ll get all 9 individual Thought Elevators, including:

Wealth and Money:

Our attitudes toward money are one of the strongest brain wave patterns formed in our youth, and they can be very hard to break. How we manage our money affects our future wealth. How we perform at our jobs affects our future career prospects. Our brain patterns may be sabotaging us in both cases. This Thought Elevator is specifically targeted toward changing your attitudes toward money, and helping you have the thought patterns what will help advance your career.


How you relate to friends and family members comes from how you present yourself to them and how you react to them. While it may sometimes seem impossible to have a healthy relationship with our friends and family members, it actually is possible once you change your brain’s basic programming. This Thought Elevator will teach you specific ways you can change your dialogue with your family, help them appreciate you more, and control your reactions to them. The result will be better, healthier relationships.

Your Ideal Partner:

Are you tired of attracting the wrong type of people into your romantic life? Isn’t it time you broke free of this pattern, and instead attract the type of partners who will make your life better? This Thought Elevator will help you break the cycle of heartbreak that has been holding you back from your true romantic potential.

Health And Healing:

Do you get sick often? When you get sick or hurt yourself, does it seem like you take longer to heal than most people? The truth is that your brain chemistry is in charge of both your immune system and the way you heal. When you use this Thought Elevator to create brain alignment, it will suddenly be easy to eat better and stay in shape. You’ll get sick less often and recover more quickly when you are hurt.


Do you feel tired all the time? Is it difficult for you to get motivated? This is a common symptom when your brain in not in alignment. But you have the ability deep down inside you to become turbo-charged all day long. This Thought Elevator will tap your deep reserves of energy to always feel focused and ready to embrace whatever the day throws at you.

Your Ideal Weight:

Does it seem like you can never achieve or maintain your goal weight? Does your weight yo-yo up and down? Do you lose motivation when you try to diet and exercise? Negative thought patterns can lead you to believe you don’t deserve to have a healthy looking, active body. This self-sabotage has been holding you back your whole life. But the truth is that you do deserve to look and feel great, and this Thought Elevator can program you to finally get to your ideal weight.

Accelerated Learning:

Do you feel like it takes you a long time to learn new skills? Don’t be ashamed – lots of people feel this way. But your brain is a sponge, and you can learn anything you put your mind to. You just have to get rid of the mental blocks that are holding you back from absorbing new knowledge. This Thought Elevator removes the barriers that are holding you back so you learn more quickly and retain more of what you study.

Anxiety And Stress Relief:

The world is a more stressful place than it’s ever been before. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, and you can suffer anxiety attacks or feel too stressed out to cope. This Thought Elevator helps you deal with stress in a positive way, while at the same time relieving anxiety so you feel calm and focused.

Business Success:

Did you know that you can be just as successful in business as you want to be? It’s true. The way you present yourself, the choices you make, your power to learn, and how you relate to other people determine how far you go in business. But if your mind is not in alignment, you will sabotage your business success. This Thought Elevator unleashes your natural talents and makes sure that you go further in your career than you may have thought possible.

All you have to do is watch the 3 minute video, then turn the audio on in the background. Let the empowering messages and Theta State soundwaves reprogram your mind.

Your subconscious mind will absorb these empowering messages automatically, your capacity for joy and positivity will increase, and soon you’ll be manifesting financial abundance and security.

Take a second to imagine what your life will be like once you can effortlessly attract wealth, success, and happiness.

No more sleepless nights, tossing and turning while you stress out about paying rent, family problems, or overall life satisfaction.

No more feeling sick to your stomach when you think about your bills piling up, and your credit card debt just getting worse and worse.

No more fear and regret that you aren’t living up to your potential…

No more hopelessness when you think of the future… terrified that you’ll be alone forever, doomed to ruin every relationship you have.

Imagine what it’ll be like to live in the home you want and drive the car you want… seeing something you’d like to buy… and just buying it, because you have the extra money.

Imagine loving how you look and feel in your body, turning heads when you walk down the street, your friends jealous about how great you look.

Most of all, I want you to imagine how happy you’ll feel when your whole life opens up in front of you, and you have more time to enjoy your hobbies, pursue your dreams, and spend with your loved ones. More time to find fulfillment.

You can feel that way, and my Thought Elevators will get you there.

Now, I’ve asked my students what they thought something like this was worth. They’re all so thrilled with their new lives, that they told me numbers like $1,000… $3,000… or even $5,000. After all, this program is helping them manifest all the money they’ll ever need. But I spoke to my business partner, and he said that $500 was a better price.

I don’t know, that still seems like a lot of money. I want as many people as possible to experience the freedom and happiness of manifesting wealth and success. And if you’re watching this presentation, $500 might still sound a little risky.

So even though my business partner thinks I’m crazy, I’m slashing that price by over 90%.
For only $47, you can start this life-changing program and finally have the financial freedom you deserve.

Click the button below to try Thought Elevators right now.

When you click the button, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page hosted on Clickbank is the biggest, most trusted online information retailer in the world, so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your information. Once you checkout, they don’t even save it.

After you fill out the form, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the Thought Elevator PDF guide, videos, and audios.

Start using them tonight, and you’ll instantly feel the change start to happen.
As you watch the 3-minute video, you’ll feel your mind relax, and prepare to enter the Theta State.

As you play the audios in the background, you’ll notice a that the world looks like a more positive place. Your fear and despair about the future will change into determination and hope.

Over the next several weeks, as Thought Elevators reshapes your brain, you’ll find that you’re getting along better with your family and friends. People will want to be around you.

The Theta State will transform your inner self to start attracting wealth, happiness and success.

I don’t know if you’ll get a raise or promotion, or find the perfect business idea, or create a strong passive income system… but I do know you’ll take control of your financial life, and finally be free to afford the comfortable life you deserve.

Now, I want you to live life to the fullest, and be happy and successful in everything that you do.

So if you download this program today, I’ll also send you 5 FREE bonuses.
Each one is specially designed to help you manifest success in a specific area of your life, even quicker than with Thought Elevators alone.

The first bonus is my “Success While You Sleep” Meditation Tracks.

These soothing audios use a precise frequency to sync with your ideal sleeping brainwaves, and ease you into the most rejuvenating rest you’ve ever felt. Empowering statements will enter your subconscious, letting you rewire your mind even faster. You’ll wake up full of energy and inspired for the day.

The full retail price of these “Success While You Sleep” Meditation Tracks is $39, but today they’re yours for FREE.

The second bonus is the special report, “How to Plant a Money Tree.”

It’s packed with highly targeted tricks and techniques to stuff your wallet with passive income – so you can practically grow money on trees.

Normally, this report would sell for $55, but you’re getting it for FREE.

I’m also sending you my “Recognizing Your Soulmate” guide.

Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step roadmap of how to know when the universe has sent you your one true love. And how to create a loving, passionate relationship that lasts.

This guide is valued at $67, but today it’s yours, FREE.

And I also want you to have my favorite “I Love Myself” Workbook.

This is the first thing I give to all my students. Positivity starts with being positive about yourself. In this workbook, you’ll do simple exercises that will let you see yourself as the wonderful person you truly are.

I normally charge $59 for this workbook, but I’m including it FREE today only.

The final bonus is the “Manifesting Health for Boomers” eBook.

This to-the-point guide tells the boomer generation everything you need to manifest a healthy, attractive, energetic body. Say goodbye to aches, pains, and feeling tired all the time!

This eBook would cost $37 by itself, but you’re getting it for FREE.

That’s a total value of $257, all yours for FREE when you download Thought Elevators today.

I understand that you still might be a little hesitant. You’re asking “Will this really work?”

I’m so confident this program will transform your life that I’m offering my unconditional, Total Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Try Thought Elevators for two months. Watch the 3 minute videos, and listen to the audios every day.

If you don’t feel a change… I’ll refund you 100%.

If you haven’t started manifesting your desires… I’ll refund you 100%.

In fact, I’m so confident Thought Elevators will change your life… if for any reason you’re not satisfied… I’ll refund you 100%.

Just email me, and we’ll handle it within 24 hours…

Get more detailed information, or purchase the Thought Elevators Program, by clicking on the Link below:

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